Saturday, March 5, 2016

Refresher diving for Greg Raglow at Lima Rock and Ras Morovi, and next day at Dibba Rock

My logged dives #1414-1416

After a stressful workweek I was ready for a break. After work and on returning to my home in Al Ain, I packed and drove by myself across the country, ending up at Nomad Ocean Adventure in time for a jog up to Golden Tulip and back before dinner. In time, Greg and Joyce Raglow arrived from Abu Dhabi. We had dinner together, Joyce brought out a guitar and suggested I play, but the critical mass was not present that evening in the few people finishing their dinner in the majlis, and we soon went to bed. I had a great night's sleep.

Next morning, I met Greg in the pool for a refresher. I had trained him in 2014 at Nomad Ocean Adventure but he hadn't been diving since then: 

We went for a two dives on Lima Rock and Ras Morovi that day. Visibility was not so good, and we didn't see anything especially interesting, though the animals that caught our attention can be seen in the video above. These include a turtle, some nudibranchs, lion fish, morays, well, the usual suspects.

Next day Joyce needed to be back in Abu Dhabi early so I suggested we slip over the border in the morning and dive from Nomad Fujairah on Dibba Rock on that side. Again vis was poor but this is always a nice dive. The fish at the Aquarium continue to enthrall, and we ended with a small ray in the sand flats where in better vis we can sometimes see more of them, logged in the video above.

One interesting aspect of this trip was how lively Nomad was. Divers from all nationalities appeared, especially a group of Spaniards. Joyce again brought out the guitar, and Greg turned out to be something of a troubadour. Sylvia exclaimed how great it was to see how it was in old times. Steve did a near knock off of Classical Gas. Someone even handed me the guitar ...

Regarding the diving, next day a whale shark was spotted up north. Lara, pictured in the video above, sent Greg this photo.


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