Saturday, March 12, 2016

Good diving in poor visibility on Dibba Rock with under water photography Dro Madry

My logged dive #1417

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I had left my wetsuits hanging out to dry at Nomad Ocean Adventure Fujairah last week so I dropped by and collected them on my way home to Al Ain from the TESOL Arabia Conference in Dubai on March 12. While there I went for a dive with an old neighbor from All Prints in Abu Dhabi, Dro Madry, who is well known in UAE for his photos of underwater life in the waters here. We were the only real divers (apart from students and their instructors) so I followed Dro around and videoed him at work / play. It had been raining torrentially in UAE before the weekend so vis was limited, but we found sting rays and turtles and between the two of us herded a school of bat fish from under the ladder where they were "hiding.'

Decent diving, worth going out of my way for, and I left my regulator in the bath where we soak our kit after diving, so now I have something else to go back and collect for another tour of Dibba Rock next time.

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