Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fun Diving Musandam at Nomad Ocean Adventure: Lima Rock, Wonder Wall, Octopus Rock, and Morovi Island

My logged dives #1353-1356

Here are some videos from a pleasant dive weekend back on home turf, or waters, or whatever that stuff was, wth Nomad Ocean Adventure, the weekend of April 17-18, 2118. We went as a group comprising Nicki Blower, Chris Gawronski, Kelly Harris, Bobbi and I, and one of my open water students, Bonnie Swesey. We were possibly diving with Bonnie for the last time for a while, since she is heading off to a new life in Honduras, where the diving is superb (so we hope to visit her there one day).

It's always good to be back home with Nomad, good food and sound sleeping, especially when our responsibilities are nothng more than to conduct safe dives. Our sites and dive times were negotiable, no one telling us where to go or when to come up, and the last day I suggested to our Nomad Pro Cedrick that we do our last dive on the outside ocean side of Morovi Island, where currents can be interesting, but there's lots of blue coral and blue triggers on a 20 meter wall with no telling what's in the sand (and he agreed, so we got to choose a rarely dived site, and Cedrick seemed quite happy with the choice - he's working at Nomad temporarily, commissioned to paint a mural of a whale shark on one of the walls there). We didn't see much on the wall ourselves, but we certainly enjoyed these dive sites:

April 17 - 

  • Dive 1 - North side of Lima Rock, decent vis and lots of interesting creatures there
  • Dive 2 - Wonderwall (Ras Sanut) poor vis, chilly, and a couple of giant rays (worth seeing)
In the video posted here, all shots are taken on Lima Rock, except the video of the huge ray at Ras Sanut, in poor visibility

April 18
Nicki was sick last day and we were joined on our dives by a lady from Finland, a petite (but tatooed) guard on the Ukraine / Russian border, down for a first visit to UAE, and discovering the diving is not bad here :-)

  • Dive 1 - Octopus Rock, always a great dive, only a slight current, great vis, great fish life

  • Dive 2 - Outer (east side) Morovi Island, good vis, tricky currents especially where we ended at the south corner, but a pretty dive. It's especially nice when you can move back north in the channel itself. We saw some baraccuda there today (they love current), and at other times rays, including eagle rays. But today the current prevented our northward progress and we had to end the dive on the corner.

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