Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fun diving in Musandam on Octopus Rock and Pearl Island with Nomad Ocean Adventure

My logged dives #1336 - 1337

It's been a while since Bobbi and I have had a chance to dive together and both with valid visas to cross the border so we decided to head up to Musandam for a day out with our good friends at Nomad Ocean Adventure.

Our dive spots were Octopus Rock and Lu'lu or Pearl Island. It was a great day for Octopus. Fine weather for those of us who had jackets on the ride out, and 24-25 degrees in the water not a problem for 5 mm of wetsuit. Ok, let's go, here's the video from the first dive :-)

Our first dive began with a slip down the rock face to about 12 meters, passing some crustaceans that live in the rocks there. Next we come upon a pair of nudibranchs rudely disturbed in whatever it is nudibranchs do down there. Our dive guide Rosien helpfully pointed out a large sea horse in not too deep water. This rock is full of blue trigger fish milling all about and is home to batfish which enjoy the cleaning stations here. They are a little skittish about divers coming up on them while they are being cleaned but at a certain distance you can observer them enjoying the administrations of the little blue wrasse that eat the parasites off them. The lion fish here are very photogenic, especially when they hover mid-water. We saw also several moray eels and I filmed a huge school of jacks swirling about, surely targets of local fishermen.

Our next dive was on Lu'lu or Pearl Island. It wasn't a great dive but there are only two kinds of dives, good ones and great one. On this dive we saw a few moray eels and some wandering sea feathers, as you'll see in the video. Enjoy :-)

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