Monday, November 18, 2013

Certified Victor and Amber in PADI Open Water, Musandam

Friday and Saturday November 15-16, 2013
Musandam with Nomad Ocean Adventure
My logged dives #1252-1255

Bobbi and I had a great weekend out with Victor and Amber Guthrie, pictured here off Lima Rock, North, getting their bearings on their third ever PADI Open Water dive.

Amber and Victor were ideal students.  All went well as we started at 6 a.m. and knocked back three confined water sessions before diving on Friday.

The weather was not great this weekend, stormy on Friday. Seas were rough and we stopped short of Lima at Ras Sanut, and dived there and then way at the back of the bay.  The vis was poor, and apart from the coursework there wasn't much to write home about, let alone film.

But next day was much better.  The morning was fairly calm and cool, and we dived Lima Rock and Ras Lima.

We saw lion fish posing like holograms on both dives.

Here are Amber and Victor preparing for their final dive before fulfilling all open water requirements for the course.

near where we saw this humongous ray off near where they are about to go in.

We saw lots of other things as well, turtles, bat fish being cleaned by wrasse, schools of blue trigger fish, and gobies keeping watch for their cohabitating pistol shrimp partners.

Though it was calm Saturday morning, rain lashed us on the return ride. We observed interesting phenomena associated with the rain though, runoff in cascades from the mountains into the sea turning the water a murky brown, and rainbows bracketing the dhows scurrying back to harbor with their weekend tourists and fishing catches. But underwater had been fine.

Congratulations to the new divers.

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