Saturday, May 18, 2013

AdSense and Nonsense: Not a dive log entry

Bobbi and I are taking a couple of weeks off diving, but very much looking forward to next weekend when we will be back up at Nomad Ocean Adventure, our favorite home away from home.


Meanwhile, in case you are wondering what I am doing with the proceeds from the ads I had embedded here as an experiment through Google's AdSense program.  Unless you've been underwater WAAAYYY too long, you probably know that Google has made billions off clicks on its ads.  It offers a trickle-down to bloggers who enroll in the program on their blogs.  I have a number of blogs, and decided to experiment with this one; hence the adds in the sidebar and accompanying each post.

I've been in the program for almost two years and have just received an accounting from Google of the phenomenal earnings I've been enjoying.  Here it is:

So now I'm wondering what to do with the windfall.  Invest in new gear? Start a foundation?  Any suggestions (if you won't click on the ads, you could at least leave a comment below :-)

Seriously, I'm not at all suggesting that readers here click on ads, it was just an experiment, and my blog is an outlet for my passion for diving, not an attempt at making money.  I just wanted to see what would happen, and I thought you might be interested now that we know.


On to a more irritating topic, my blog has attracted incessant spam postings from numerous users, all linking in their comments back to Musandam Dibba.  I've stopped flagging the comments as spam; this has had no effect.  Instead I'm simply letting them accumulate, unapproved of course.  Let me show you the attempts to spam my blog from just today:

The posts are all something like this, each with a link to the Musandam Dibba website, and each with some self-serving comment on tourism at Musandam Dibba might see it, and none of them reflecting in any way on the content in the blog post itself:

Except for one thing!  The spammers are reading the blog.  They have carefully avoided commenting on this one post, entitled "Will the following entities please stop spamming my blog!"

So this is a second request for the spammers to please desist from sending nonsense posts to my blog.  If anyone wants to comment on the content of one of my posts that is fine, I welcome that.  But comments to this blog are moderated, and readers will always be protected from spam comments which do nothing to forward the conversation about a passion for diving.

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  1. Thanks for this post! As a fellow dive blogger it gives some comfort to see others have similar concerns. Keep on blogging!