Saturday, June 27, 2009

Diving at Freestyle Divers, Dibba, June 12-13, 2009

We dived at the usual place, Dibba Rock, Bobbi and I, with Freestyle on both days, staying at the Seaside in town. Glenn and Gulya and Bobbi and I shared a flat and Graham and Rachel came up on Friday night and shared another with Bunker, who had driven up with us Friday a.m. from Abu Dhabi in his own car. The plan was to let Gulya repeat her first dive on Friday (they would be arriving that afternoon). Bobbi and I would have a pleasant noon dive with Bunker, Jay’s friend.

Vance’s logged dives #884 and #885 June 12, 2009

Bunker hadn’t dived for a while so we did a ‘refresher’ for him. It’s been a while since we actually did that dive, but I recall that we did a back side dive with him except that we got separated in a surge and came back up to the surface after a minute but saw Bunker some distance away heading back down. He found other divers down below and joined them and Bobbi and I went our way. Then Gulya came and we did a front side dive with her. I think we saw sharks and turtles, and cuttlefish of course, don’t remember the rest. It was the usual 8 meter dive for 45 minutes or so.

Vance’s logged dives #886 and #887 June 13, 2009

Next day Graham and Rachael came out and we worked on rescue with them. We did the first couple of scenarios, panic diver at the surface, alternate air source ascent review in conjunction with Gulya’s ascent on her second PADI o/w dive, assists from a boat, and the like. So there were two dives with Graham and Rachel and one with Gulya, and Bobbi and I looking after them and Bunker, who was just enjoying the diving. He’d done a bit of diving already, was doing fine, fun weekend for all of us.

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